Top Dahibara Stalls of Cuttack Chosen by Manas Muduli

Top Dahibara Stalls of Cuttack Chosen by Manas Muduli

When the name Dahibara comes into mind, the 1st place you would remind is Cuttack. Though there are many Dahibara Aloodum stalls in Cuttack, our friend Manas Muduli had chosen four good Dahibara Aludum stalls.

1. Iswar Dahibara

Ishwar Dahibara (Odia: ଇଶ୍ୱର ଦହିବରା) was founded by Iswar Behera in Cuttack. It's a quite popular stall and some of the branches of this stall are also there in Cuttack.

Iswar Dahibara Stall of Cuttack

2. Raghu Dahibara

Raghu Dahibara Aloodum (Odia: ରଘୁ ଦହିବରା ଆଳୁଦମ୍) is a well-known Dahivada stall in Cuttack Odisha, where people queuing for hours to experience the authentic taste of Dahi Bara.

Raghu Dahibara Aludum Stall of Cuttack

3. Kuna Tuna Dahibara

The Kuna Tuna Dahibara Stall is one of the most famous Dahi vada stalls in Cuttack, Odisha which is opposite of the Barabati Stadium.

Kuna Tuna Dahibara Stall of Cuttack

4. Trinath Dahibara

The Thinath Sahoo Dahibara is one of the famous Dahivada stalls in Cuttack. The taste of his Dahi Bara Alu Dam is unique and a must-try. It tastes slightly spicy but that's the uniqueness.

Trinath Dahibara Aloodum Stall of Cuttack

Do you know Odisha is celebrating Dahibara Dibasa on 1st March every year since 2019?

About the Author:

Odia Traveler and food blogger Manas Muduli

Manas Kumar Muduli is an Odia Technical professional, and a foodie by his passion. He uses to travel to different destinations and loves to taste the good vibes also the foods.

Follow him on Twitter @manas_muduli and @manas_muduli on Instagram.

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