Rasabali: Odisha's Traditional Sweet

Rasabali, the Traditional sweet of Odisha

Rasabali (Odia: ରସାବଳୀ) is a deep-fried sweet that is particularly popular in India. You may find the authentic Rasavali in Kendrapara, Odisha. This is offered to Lord Baladevjew in Tulasi Kshetra.

The Super yummy Rasabali of Kendrapara

Rasabali is a Baladevjew offering that originated in Kendrapara's Baladevjew Temple. And it is one of the Chapana bhoga at Sri Jagannath temple, Puri.

Kendrapada Rasabali shared by Sambeet Dalai

Rasabalee is made out of flattened reddish brown chhena (farmer cheese) patties that have been deep fried and soaked in thickened, sweetened milk (rabri).

Rasabali Bhoga by Jyotsna Jena

The chhena is flattened into palm-sized patties to make it easier for them to absorb the milk. Crushed cardamoms are generally sprinkled on top of the thickened milk.

Rasabali Prasad from Baladevjew Temple, Tulasi Kshetra, Kendrapada
Delicious Rasabali from Bangalore

Kendrapada famous Rasabali by Manas Muduli

Rasabali from Baladevjew Temple of Kendrapara, Odisha

Delicious Rasabali shared by Manas Muduli

Happiness full of Rasabali


Rasabali Making Video by Manaswini:


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