Chakuli Dalma: A Delicious and Healthy Breakfast from Odisha

Chakuli Dalma: A Delicious and Healthy Breakfast from Odisha

If you are looking for a wholesome and satisfying breakfast that is easy to make and full of flavors, then you should try Chakuli with Dalma, a traditional dish from the state of Odisha in India. Chakuli Dalma (Odia: ଚକୁଳି ଡାଲମା) is a combination of soft and crispy rice-lentil pancakes (chakuli pitha) served with a thick and spicy vegetable-lentil curry (dalma). It is a nutritious and balanced meal that can keep you energized for the day.

Previously, we had mentioned the recipe for both Chakuli and Dalma. To prepare Chakuli Pitha and Dalma, you can just follow that.

Benefits of Chakuli Dalma

Chakuli Dalma is not only delicious but also healthy. Here are some of the benefits of this dish:

  • It is rich in protein from rice, black gram, and toor dal. Protein is essential for building muscles, repairing tissues, and boosting immunity.
  • It is high in fiber from the vegetables and lentils. Fiber helps in digestion, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and prevents constipation.
  • It is low in fat and calories as it is cooked with minimal oil. It can help in weight management and prevent obesity-related diseases.
  • It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from vegetables, spices, and herbs. They help in fighting infections, improving skin health, and preventing diseases.
  • It is gluten-free and vegan-friendly as it does not contain any wheat or animal products. It can suit people with dietary restrictions or preferences.

The Delicious Chakuli Pitha served with hot Dalma in Odisha

Chakuli Dalma is a simple and satisfying breakfast that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is easy to make and requires basic ingredients that are easily available. It is a great way to start your day with a burst of flavors and nutrition. Try this combination and share your feedback with us.

N.B.: This image is taken from Manas Muduli and this blog is composed by Sangram.

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