Gota kalara Bhaja (ଗୋଟା କଲରା ଭଜା)

Gota Kalara Bhaja (Odia: ଗୋଟା କଲାରା ଭଜା)

Gota Kalara Bhaja (Odia: ଗୋଟା କଲରା ଭଜା) is a food dish from bitter gourd stuffed with Besara or some masala mix. Since it's stuffed with masala, people also call it Stuffed Karela.

Kalara Gota bhaja with Kakudi Salad for Lunch

According to Loknath Palauri, "Bitter gourd (Kalara) is one such vegetable that is a year-round companion to any meal. There are numerous varieties of with which you can consume."

Kalara Stuffed with Besara

The one who enjoys food could have it finely chopped bhaji or packed with mustard spices for veg days or as a chips item for non-veg days.

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