Mudhi Mutton

Mudhi Mutton from Gonasika Mahotsav

Mudhi Mutton is one of the delicious items you can't miss while traveling through Baripada, Mayurbhanj.

Baripada Special Mudhi Mutton by Nivedita Pattnaik

As you all know, Baripada is famous for Mudhi Mansa and this is a combo one you definitely love.

Best Combition of Baripada Food- Mudhi Mutton by Debabrata Mohanty

Note: All these photographs are taken by different people and published here with their permission. All the photo rights are reserved for the original photographer. 

The 1st photo with the banner is taken by Rakesh Satapathy, the 2nd one is from Nivedita Pattnaik, and the 3rd snap is from Debabrata Mohanty.

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