Gaintha Pitha for Baula Amabasya

Gaintha Pitha for Baula Amabasya (ବଉଳ ଅମାବାସ୍ୟା ପାଇଁ ଗଇଁଠା ପିଠା)

Gaintha Pitha (ଗଇଁଠା ପିଠା) is a delicious Odia cake made of rice- flour boiled in steam. This is usually prepared on the day of Baula Amavasya (ବଉଳ ଅମାବାସ୍ୟା).

Gaintha Pitha prepared by Aiswarika Senapati in 2018

Baula Amabasya is a typical Odia festival which is also known as Bakula Amavasya. According to the Odia calendar, this day is celebrated as Pausa Amavasya (ପୌଷ ଅମାବାସ୍ୟା).

Delicious Gaintha Pitha cooked by Sangram Keshari Senapati in 2022 Baula Amabasya

Mango trees are worshiped with the Gaintha Pitha as an offering. This ritual is allegedly conducted for more and more mango harvests.

Khira Gaintha Prepared by Sangram Keshari Senapati on the day of Baula Amavasya in 2022

A special puja is held at the Puri Jagannath Temple on this day. Khira Gaintha is offered to Mahaprabhu Lord Jagannath during the morning bhoga. On this day, people used to worship their family deity in several parts of Odisha by giving the Gaintha Pitha.

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