Mandia Enduri Pitha

Mandia Enduri Pitha (ମାଣ୍ଡିଆ ଏଣ୍ଡୁରି ପିଠା)

Mandia Enduri Pitha is a delicious pitha mainly prepared in Odisha and it's double as healthier due to the presence of turmeric leaves and the superfood Mandia.

Delicous Mandia Enduri Pitha by Chef Sahajan

Enduri or Haladi Patra Pitha (ହଳଦୀ ପତ୍ର ପିଠା) is a particular type of pitha cooked or baked on Prathamastami.

Enduri Pitha made with Mandia by Banasmita Behera

Mandia (ମାଣ୍ଡିଆ) is a superfood that is highly nutritious and beneficial to our health. So, here is the Enduri Pitha (ଏଣ୍ଡୁରି ପିଠା) made up of Mandia specially prepared on Prathamastami by Banasmita Behera and Chef Sahajan.

Note: All these photographs used here are published with the proper permission from the original author.

You can follow Banasmita @banasmita45 and Chef Sahajan @chefsahajan on Twitter. And don't forget to check out new recipes on the YouTube channel of Chef Sahajan every Friday.

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