Nimiki and Chai: The best combo in evening

Nimiki and Chai: The best combo in evening

Nimiki (Odia: ନିମିକି) is a crispy and tasty snack that pairs well with tea. We Odias could have it both in the morning and in the evening.

Nimki and Chaha by Manas Muduli

We usually prepare Nimiki at home, but you may find this at every Chai stall or the sweet shops.

Chaha with Nimki

This item has different names like Nimiki, Namak Para, Nimki, etc. The making process may differ from place to place and person to person, but the end result is quite similar. 

Favorite evening snacks Chai with Nimiki

Nimki with Tea the favorite snack

Nimiki with Chai shared by Prasanti Mohapatra

N.B.: The 2nd photo is taken by Manas Muduli and I must say thanks to Pratyusini for starting the conversation. And the last photo is taken by Prasanti Mohapatra.

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