Singada and Chai: The delicious combo in evening

Singada and Chai: The delicious combo in evening

How much do you love Singada or Samosa? Have you ever taken Singada with Chai? Here is that delicious combination of Samosa with tea shared by Swami Bhabani Sankar.

Chai with Sangada shared by Swagatika Nayak

What is Singada?

The Samosa or Singada is a deep-fried pastry with a savory filling that includes spices potatoes, onions, and peas.

The Delicious Singada prepared by Sangram Keshari Senapati

Do you know, initially it was not a veg item. People used to fill chicken into it, but later in India people started filling veg items like aloo. Now, in India Samosa means alu stuffed snack, which people eat as breakfast and evening snacks.

Chai and Samosa as evening Snacks

This blog is written by Sangram Keshari Senapati and the primary photo is taken from Swami Bhabani Sankar. You can follow Swami on Twitter at @Urban_Sanyasi and on Instagram at @Urban_Sanyasi. Another Chai-Samosa image is taken by Swagatika Nayak.

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