Machha Munda Ghanta or Chhenchada or Mudhi Ghanta

Machha Munda Ghanta or Chhenchada or Mudhi Ghanta

Delicious food from Odisha is prepared primarily from fish heads and is known by the name Machha Munda Ghanta (ମାଛ ମୁଣ୍ଡ ଘାଣ୍ଟ), Chhenchada (ଛେଞ୍ଚଡ଼ା), or Mudhi Ghanta (ମୁଢ଼ି ଘାଣ୍ଟ).

Machha Munda Ghanta or Chhenchada

Basically, the head sections of the Rohi and Bhakura (ଭାକୁଡ଼) are utilized to make this dish. This dish is very famous in our Odia marriages.

Machha Chhenchada or Mudhi Ghanta Prepared by Sangram Keshari Senapati

Now, things are changed, but before this was a compulsory item. People use to prepare fish curry/masala/fry, etc. And the head part of the fish is used for this Ghanta.

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