Idli Chutney for Morning Breakfast

Delicious Idli Chutney for Morning Breakfast

Idli Chutney (ଇଟିଲି ଚଟଣୀ) is a popular South Indian dish that is enjoyed as a breakfast or snack. The dish consists of idlis, which are steamed rice and lentil cakes, served with a flavorful chutney. The chutney is typically made from a combination of ingredients such as coconut, peanuts, and tomatoes, and is seasoned with a blend of spices and herbs.

Idli Chatni in morning breakfast shared by Chandra Sekhar Khuntia

Idlis are made by fermenting a batter of ground rice and lentils overnight. The batter is then steamed in small, round molds to create fluffy, pillowy cakes. Idlis are often served with a variety of accompaniments, but chutney is a common and popular choice.

Idli and Chutney on Sal Leaves for Breakfast in Odisha

There are many different types of chutney that can be served with idlis, but the most common and popular is coconut chutney. This chutney is made by blending grated coconut, peanuts, and green chilies together with a seasoning of mustard seeds, urad dal, and curry leaves. The chutney is then seasoned with salt and tamarind to give it a tangy and well-balanced flavor.

Another popular chutney is tomato chutney, this chutney is made by cooking tomatoes with spices like mustard seeds, red chili powder, and asafetida. It's then blended with tamarind, and seasoned with salt and sugar to give it a tangy, sweet, and spicy flavor.

Idli Chutney with Chai shared by Swagatika Nayak

Idli chutney is a great way to start your day as it provides you with a balanced meal with carbohydrates from idli and protein from the chutney. It is also a great snack option for those looking for a healthy and delicious option.

N.B.: These photos are taken by Manas MuduliDr. Chandra Sekhar Khuntia, and Swagarika Nayak.

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